General Catalogue 2016
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The story begun when Nazzareno Orlandoni (but the industry knows him as Mimmo all over the world) created the company to manufacture parts for accordions and reed organs in 1957 under the name Orlandoni And Co. In the early days of the company, Mimmo was joined by Alfio Monaci (Mimmo's brother-in-law) the new company name was chosen and the ORLA company was established in 1965 in Castelfidardo, the musical instrument capital of Italy. The company went into the production of electronic organs and quickly established a reputation in the world market and it is now the only company in Italy and Europe known as full line manufacturer producing Home Organs, Church Organs, Digital Pianos, Portable Keyboards and Sound Modules and Electronic Accordions.

(The ORLA booth at Frankfurt Messe )
ORLA not only produces under its own brand name but for others also. Companies from the international music industry (American, Japanese and European) have used the research, development and production facilities that ORLA has to offer. ORLA has exhibited at the International Frankfurt Musik Messe for the past 35 years and also exhibited regularly at the USA Namm Shows. International distributors have presented ORLA made products at all the major national and regional music exhibitions throughout Europe, USA, Middle East, China and Australia.

The ORLA boards of Directors is the second Generation of the founders families:
- Enrico Monaci, Alfio’s son, is in charge of the Product Development and Sales Director for all the Export business worldwide.
- Claudia Orlandoni, Mimmo’s daughter, is in charge of the Accounting Department and Purchasing Department.
- Lucia Bontempi, Enrico’s wife, Sales Logistics and Export and Domestic Sales Manager.
- Carlo Tornatola, Claudia’s husband, Production and Delivery Manager.
A real family business, Italian way.
The main strategy of ORLA is to make sure that the family tradition of good and reliable products with the typical taste of the Italian culture will by provided in all products. The sounds are selected and carefully sampled making sure that the result will be a warm and clear sound, pleasant for the beginners and for the professional players alike. The styles are the result of long hours of meetings of the ORLA players from Europe (Italy, England, Germany and Holland) to make sure that the overall package will be in tune with the request of the market.

(Mrs Lucia Bontempi, Mr Zhao Ping,
Mr Enrico Monaci at MusikMesse 2008)

(Mrs Claudia Orlandoni, Mrs Yoko and Mr Phil Leader
Mrs Lucia Bontempi at MusikMesse 2008)
The message at ORLA is : make an instrument that sounds good and give pleasure to the players and make the buyer proud to have chosen an Italian musical instrument, make him proud to buy a piece of the Italian culture. Every new product is made according to the many years of experience that ORLA has in its DNA, in its blood, and the development team is controlled by Mr Enrico Monaci and Mr Luca Serenelli, the ORLA Musical Advisor. Mr Luca is working with ORLA since about 20 years and he is the company continuity of sound quality and innovations. In fact, the information and the requests that are coming from the ORLA distributors world wide, are redirected to the various parts of the Research and Development teams working with ORLA all over Europe, USA and China.
(Mr Luca Serenelli and the Stage Ensemble E.Piano at MusikMesse 2008)

(Mr Enrico and
Mr Claus Dorner)
There are now so many products made in many parts of the world and some time it is difficult to identify were the instrument was developed. Since the GM standard was applied, many products sound the same and very little differences can be found. Most of the products have similar features and most of them look also similar: - How is it possible to be unique? – this was the main question at ORLA. The solution was found very easily and it was in the long lasting relationship between ORLA and Mr Claus Dorner, General Manager at Dream company in France. Dream is the leading company of Sound IC in the world. This friendship with Mr Claus and Mr Enrico goes back to the early 70’, when Enrico was just a teenager. This family relationship is intact and strong after more than 35 years and have produced many different types of cooperation and today represents one the strongest partnership in the music business.

For many years ORLA has been the manufacturing company for many famous European, Japanese and USA brands and this was a very useful experience to identify what was important in a product. The secret was identified in the history and in the Italian culture. The Italian classical and modern music is played all over the world. The design in the fashion business and furniture is number one in the world. Well, Ferrari is Italian too.

The business is important but at ORLA there is time for art and fantasy. In fact, since many years, ORLA is cooperating with Mr Remo Saraceni, an Italian artist and inventor that is based in the USA since over 50 years. He is the inventor of the famous ”Walking Piano” ( as seen in the world famous movie “BIG” ). Remo and Enrico are cooperating since many years and a new friendship started. The sound engine and all the musical data are now developed by ORLA according to Mr Remo requests and in the last few years new life was given to the “Walking Piano” project. And more incredible projects soon……...

(Mr Remo Saraceni, Mr Enrico Monaci,
Mr Luca Serenelli
allo stand Orla at MusikMesse 2008)

(Probably the most famous scene of the movie “BIG”.)